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Patterns with spokes, video "Spit cross"

Pattern knitting needles video

A pattern with knitting needles in which the loops intertwine crosswise, so that the braid looks completely new.
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"Spit cross" - pattern with knitting needles with description and video

The number of loops is a multiple of 6 + 2 edge loops (optional).

To knit on the back with a crochet: lead the spoke in a loop, before work, make a cape, then tie this loop to the wrong side (the thread is wrapped around the right knitting needle twice).

How to knit a pattern with knitting needles: Loop multiple of 6 + 2 edge loops.
1st row (side): chrome. Loop, * 1 out of a person, 4 persons., 1 out of., Repeat from *, chrome. a loop.
2nd row: chrome. A loop, * 1 persons., (To tie a purl with a cuff) - 4 times, 1 persons., Repeat from *, chrome. a loop.
3rd row: * 1 of the rel., (Remove the loop on the right knitting needle, lower the knit) - 4 times, make a cross between the 4 loops of the right knitting needle (pass the second and the first (from the four) hinges of the right knitting needle (count from the beginning of the row), remove them on the left knitting needle, then Remove the fourth and third loops on the left knitting needle), tie all 4 of these loops face, 1 out of the way, repeat from *, chrome. a loop.
4th row: chrome. Loop, * 1 person., 4 out of the person, 1 person., Repeat from *, chrome. a loop.
Repeat from the first row.

Video knitting pattern:

Pattern knitting needles video

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