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Red bag with knitting needles

Bag with knitting needles

Red bag with knitting needles

Red bag with knitting needles

Fashionable bright red bag with knitting needles with two handles over the shoulder. Knitting bags with knitting needles is very simple - nothing superfluous, but beautiful and interesting.
The size: 61 * 30 cm.
You will need: 4 skeins of BERROCO REMIX yarn (100 g.), Color code 3924, straight spokes 4 mm, circular knitting needles 4 mm. (80 cm)
Fantasy pattern: * Knit 7 rows of. Smooth, knit 7 r. Persons. Smooth, repeat from *
Knitting density: 20 p. * 28 p. = 10 * 10 cm.
Attention! Bag knit one piece - across

Knitting bags with knitting needles, base: On straight spokes to collect 100 items, knit with a fantasy pattern.
Add 1 pt on both sides (tie 3 st point from each edge of the loop behind and behind the front wall) in each 7th row - 10 times - get 120 pts, knit exactly into the pattern to 119 rows.
With out of. Sides to reduce 1 point on both sides (tie 3 and 4 sts from each edge together in a pattern) in each 7th row - 10 times - get 100 items, knit exactly up to 175 rows, close the loops.

Bag knitting needles, upper strap: With faces. Hand, faces. To you to gain 78 p., Evenly distributing them along the upper edge of the inside surface (skip the face).
1st row: persons. P.
2-nd row: out. P.
3rd row: unknown. P.
4th row (face side): 3 out of the way, * 2 behind the back wall, leave a loop on the left loop, tie the faces again. (Take off on the right knitting needle) ,, 3 out of the way, repeat from *
5th row: 3 persons., * Skip the n., Tie the 2nd st., Then knit out. Missed n., 3 persons., Repeat from *.
Repeat the 4th and 5th rows until the height of the bar is 2.5 cm.
1 out of every 3 persons. P.
Knit another 1 cm in the pattern.
1 out of every 2 persons. P.
Knit 1 row into the pattern.
Close p.
Repeat this bar on the other side.

Bag knitting needles, handles: * Dial 43 p. From the front side along the left side of the bag, dial 90 p., Dial 43 p. Along the opposite side of the bag, turn the bag, repeat from * - get 352 loops, knit with a handkerchief pattern 6.5 cm,
Sew the last row of the handle with the first (90 p.), Sew the side of the bag

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