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Peach Cake Bag

Handbag crocheted

Peach Cake Bag

Handbag crocheted by Pierrot Yarns

A very delicate handbag made of peach-colored yarn.
The model is executed by crossed bars.

The size: 23 * 62 cm.
Materials: Pierrot Yarns Cyrup yarn (52% acrylic, 29% nylon, 13% synthetic fiber, 6% polyester, 50 g / 450 m), and yarn Pierrot Yarns Junmo Namibuto2 (100% wool, 40 g / 72 m) Hook 3.5 mm.
Knitting density: 22 loops * 10 rows = 10 * 10 cm.

Attention! The crochet handbag is made with a thread in two pieces: 1 yarn Pierrot Yarns Cyrup yarn and one yarn yarn Pierrot Yarns Junmo Namibuto2

Handbag crocheted, description: Start work from the bottom of the bag, dial 51 in / n. In the chain.
Knit 7 rows in a circle with columns without a crochet, making the increments according to scheme 1.
Add 6 bars in each row.
1st row: 104 bars.
2nd row: 110 bars.
3rd row: 116 columns.
4th row: 122 of the column.
The 5th row: 128 bars.
6th row: 134 bars.
7th row: 140 bars.
Next, knit the base of the bag, rows 1-50 according to Scheme 2
Knit one row with no crochet.
Knit 1 row with a brisk step.

A pen: Dial 11 in / n into the chain, knit 1-70 rows according to scheme 3
Sew a handle from both sides of the base of the bag

Flower (make 2): Make a ring amirugumi, knit a flower according to scheme 4, dial from 68 in / n = about 30 cm.
Sew the motifs with flowers on each side of the bag as shown in the photo.

The bag is crocheted ready, in order to "button" the bag, wrap the sides inside and tie the motives.

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Handbag crocheted

Handbag crocheted circuit

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