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The knobs pattern on the bag

Pattern of knobby needles

The knobs pattern on the bag

The pattern of knobs knitting needles on a bag from DROPS

The knitted, and then bared pattern of the knob with knitting needles look like pom-poms, as if glued to the bag. Be sure, only you will have such a purse!

Size before felting in the washing machine: 42 * 45 cm.
Size after felting in the washing machine: 32 * 22 cm.
Materials: 550 g yarn DROPS ESKIMO (100% wool, 50 g / 50 m.), Needles 8.0 mm., The length of the spokes is 80 cm.
Knitting density: 11 loops * 15 rows = 10 * 10 cm.

Hand-painted pattern (knitting back and forth): All the rows to perform facial loops.
Facial smoothness (knitting in a circle): All the rows to perform facial loops.
Facial smoothness (knitting back and forth): The front row is to be carried out with facial loops, and the purl series with the back loops.
Pattern of knobby needles: (1 person., Nakid, 1 persons., Nakid, 1 persons.) In the next loop.
Knit 6 rows of facial smoothness.
Throw 2, 3, 4, and then 5y loops on the 1st loop,
Rotation of knobs: Knit by the scheme.

Description: The bag is made in one piece starting with the top part.

Upper part of bag: Type 38 knitting needles 8.0 mm., Thread DROPS ESKIMO.
Knit 3 rows with a handkerchief pattern, starting from the purl series.
Leave the central 8 loops and 2 loops on each side with a handkerchief pattern, and the other loops knit with the front surface - 4 rows.
SIMULTANEOUS in the 2nd row from the typing edge, add 1 loops on each side after 2 loops of the pattern.
Repeat such increases in every 2 nd row - 3 times = 44 loops.
A new loop knit with the facial smoothness.
Next knit: 2 loops with a handkerchief pattern, knit the knob pattern with knitting needles above the 16 loops, 8 loops with a handkerchief pattern, knit the knot pattern with knitting needles over the 16 loops, 2 loops with a handkerchief pattern.
Continue working this way to a height of 28 cm.

The main part of the bag: Pick 56 loops = 100 loops, join in a circular row.
Then work to measure from here.
Knit a series of purl loops.
Next knit in a circle faceface - 40 cm.
Track. Series: * 2 persons., 2 together persons, repeat from * = 75 loops.
Knit a series of purl loops.
Close the hinges.
Fold the bottom edge in half, sew for the last arch of the hinges.

A pen: Dial 8 loops with 8.0 mm knitting needles. And the DROPS ESKIMO thread.
1-3 rows: facial loops (handkerchief).
4 th row: 2 persons., Cone, 5 persons.
5-7 rows: facial loops 8th row: 5 faces., Cone, 2 faces.
9-11 rows: facial loops.
Repeat 4-11 rows so that the handle is 100 cm long.
Close the hinges.
Sew the handle to the sides of the bag.

Felting in the washing machine: Wash the bag in a washing machine with a powder, at a temperature of 40 degrees, with a normal spin, without a prewash program.
After washing, spread the bag on a horizontal surface and dry it.

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Pattern of knobby needles

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