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Bag felted in the washing machine

Bags, cotton

Bag felted in the washing machine

Woolen bags felted in a washing machine

Bag is made with knitting needles, facial smoothness with large knobs. When the product is ready, we perform felting in the washing machine.

Size before felting in the washing machine:
Width: 49 cm.
Height: 60 cm.
Size after felting in the washing machine:
Sheer: 34 cm.
Height: 32 cm.
Materials: 550 g. Of yarn DROPS ESKIMO (1005 wool, 50 g / 50 m.) White color, needles 8.0 mm.
Knitting density: 11 loops * 15 rows = 10 * 10 cm.

Shishki: Knit by the scheme 1
Fold: Knit by the scheme 2

Bags in the washing machine, description (link 2 items): Type 54 loops on spokes 8.0 mm. Thread DROPS ESKIMO.
Knit with facial smoothness (from the front side knit with facial loops, and on the wrong side with purl) to a height of 38 cm.
Observe the density of knitting!
Track. Number (persons side): 11 persons, execute scheme 2 over 32 loops (16 loops are loosened), 11 persons. = 38 loops.
Track. Row (out side): out. Loops.
Continue to knit in scheme 1 with 1 edge loop on each side - 20 cm.
Knit 3 rows of facial loops (handkerchief).
Close the hinges.
Now the part will be about 60 cm long.
Bind the second part in the same way.
Sew the 3 sides of the parts (bottom and two side), the seam to follow the edge of the loop to avoid a thick seam.

Strap: Type 8 loops along one side of the top of the bag (i.e. 4 loops on each side of one of the seams) on spokes 8.0 mm.
Knit with a handkerchief pattern - 2 glad.
Next row: 2 together persons., 4 persons., 2 together persons. = 6 loops.
Continue to knit with a handkerchief pattern up to a height of 80 cm.
Track. Row: tie the first loop twice with the front (first behind the front wall, then behind the back), 4 faces., Tie the last loop 2 times front = 8 loops.
Knit with a handkerchief pattern - 2 glad.
Close the hinges.
Sew the strap to the bag on the other side (4 loops on each side of the seam).

Felting in the washing machine: Wash the bag in a washing machine with a powder, at a temperature of 40 degrees, with a normal spin, without a prewash program.
After washing, spread the bag on a horizontal surface and dry it.

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Bags, cotton

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