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Rainbow bag with a description

Bag with knitting needles with description

Rainbow A bag with knitting needles with description

Bags with descriptions from RED HEART

Want a bright, colorful handbag? Then this bag with spokes description is perfect for you.
Choose 5 different colors that please your eye and just change them according to the scheme.

The size: 28.6 * 28.6 cm.
Materials: Yarn RED HEART Soft (100% acrylic, 141 g / 234 m.) - one hank of yellow (A), orange (B), brown (C), light green (D), red (E) and gold (F) colors, wooden knobs with holes, knit bag with spokes 5.0 mm.
Knitting density: 19 loops * 22 rows = 10 * 10 cm.

Attention! The work is done by the facial smoothness, changing the colors according to the scheme.
When changing the thread color, cross the threads from the wrong side of the work, pull off the old thread, then knit the new one.
Scheme read from the right to the left for the front rows and left to the right for the back rows.

Bag with knitting needles with description: Use thread A, type 109 loops.
Start knitting with the front face (knit the front loops on the front side and the back loops from the wrong side), changing the thread color according to the scheme.
Repeat rows 1-36 of the circuit until the product is at a height of 30.5 cm.
Close the hinges.

Straps (do 4): Thread B type 7 loops.
1st row (face side): remove 1 loop, face up to the end of the row.
2-nd row: remove one loop, from the outside. To the end of the series
Repeat rows 1 and up to a height of 11.4 cm from the set edge.
Close the hinges.

Assembly: Fold the part of the bag in half, sew the sides so that the pattern matches.
Pass the strap in each hole of both wooden handles, fold the piece in half, sew to the main fabric through both layers.

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Bag with knitting needles with description

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