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Crochet handbag crocheted with brushes

Knitted crochet hook

Knitted delicate mini handbag crochet, perfect for evening dress instead of clutch

Knitted crochet hook

Crochet handbag crocheted in black, made of openwork viscous on a woven basis.

The size: 30 * 20 cm.
Materials: 3 skeins of Círculo Susi yarn (100% viscose, No. 40, 215 m in a skein), hook No. 2, woven base of the bag (sew fabric), 1 lightning 30 cm long, needle.
Density knitting work: 30 loops * 13 rows = 10 * 10 cm.

Crochet handbag crochet how to knit:

Description: Dial 92 air loops in the chain + 3 lift loops.
Knit by the scheme 1.
Finish the work after the scheme.
Connect the thread to the tying chain on the other side.
Repeat Knitting in Scheme 1

The sides of the bag (tie 2): Dial 16 air loops into the chain + 3 + 3 lifting loops.
Knit around the chain according to the scheme 2 - 3 rows.

Brush (bind 2): 4 in / n., Connect in a ring.
Knit the pillars without a cape according to the scheme 3.
Connect the threads to form a brush.

Assembly: Glue the knitted part of the bag onto its woven base.
Paddle the side pieces on the sides.
Top zipper.
Sew on the sides of the brush.

Crochet handbag crocheted, schematic:

Knitted crochet hook

Knitted crochet hook

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