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Earrings Crochet

Sergi crochet

Earrings Crochet

Earrings Crochet

Earrings crochet, like other jewelry hooks,Will open your skills and talent to create beautiful things. Surely, one of your girlfriends will want and like crochet jewelry, when they see you on these earrings

To associate such decorations with a crochet, you will need: Thread Polyester Sewing Thread - 600m - Color 112, 2 швензы, hook №1, glue.
Lush bar (it is knitted from one n.): Nakid, pull the thread from the hinge, nakid, pull the thread from the hinge, nakid, pull the thread from the hinge, nakid, pull the thread from the loop (only 9 loops on the hook), tie them together.

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Sergi crochet, description: Dial 12 in / n into the ring, knit without turning.
1 st row: 1 in / n, st. С / н in the 1st st, (2 items с / н in the next item) - 11 times, соед. To turn round
2-nd row: 1 in / p (st. B / n in the next section, a magnificent column on the next point, 2 in / n) - 12 times, connection. To turn round
3 rd row: 1 in / n., (5 in / n, connection in a magnificent column of the bottom row, 3 in / n, connection in st. B / n) - 12 times
Finish the job.
Tie the second earring.

Assembly: Glue dilute with water 1 * 1, lower the motives for 1 min., Dry them between the fabric, iron through cloth, stretch, dry. Attach the Schwenze

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