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Dress "Agnes"

Knitting dresses for girls

Dress "Agnes"

Dress "Agnes"

Knitting dresses for girls For 2 years
Simple and beautiful dress. It is knitted one piece from the top down.
You will need: Yarn for children's knitting medium thickness, knitting needles 3.5 mm., Lace
ML: 1, wrap the thread around the knitting needles, then wrapThread around 1-2 fingers of the left hand and again around the knitting needle, stretch through the loop both threads on the spoke, translate them into a spoke and tie it together behind the back wall
MR: Increment with a slope to the right: insert the left spoke at the back in front of the broach between the loops and tie it to the front behind the front wall
Add item: Tie one and the same n. 2 times: behind and behind the front wall
Add n. From the broach: Thread the thread from the broach between the loops on the left knitting needle, tie it in a pattern.
Knitting density: 24 p. = 10 cm. (Spokes 3.5 mm.)

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Knitting dresses for girls, description:


Score 60 p.
1-7 rows: remove the edge, 59 faces. P.
8th row: remove edgeband, 10 persons., Place marker, 8 faces., Marker, 22 faces., Marker, 8 faces., Marker, 11 persons.
9th row: remove the edge, * faces. Before the marker, add the item from the broach, 1 persons., Remove the marker, 1 persons., Add the item from the broach, repeat from * - 3 times, persons. To the end of the series - we get 68 p.
10th row: remove the edge, face. To the end of the series
Repeat the 9th and 10th rows until we get 188 points on the spokes (repeat 15 times - rows 11-40)
41st row: remove the border, 26 persons., Close 40 p., 54 persons., Close 40 p., 27 p. Persons.
We received 54 points of the transfer and 54 points of the back. Place markers on both sides
Track. Row: out. to end
Track. Number: 2 persons., Add the item from the broach, persons. Last am. 2 items, add items from the broach, 2 persons.
Repeat these 2 rows 2 more times
Next, knit a skirt in circular rows (without turning)


1st row: persons. P.
2nd row: * 2 persons., 2 together persons., Cape *, repeat from * (holes for the lace)
3rd row: persons. P.
4th row: * 1 persons., ML, persons. To the last point from the marker, MR, 1 persons.
5-10th series: persons. P.
Repeat rows 4-10 - 11 times


1st row: unknown. to end
2nd row: * 1 persons., Add n., Repeat from *
3-10 series: persons. P.
11th row: unknown. P.
12th row: persons. P.
13th row: unknown. P.
14th row: persons. P.
15th row: unknown. P.
16th row: close all p.

Insert the lace into the holes.

Pay attention to: