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Knitted dress for Assol

Knitted dress for Assol

Knitted dress for Assol

Children's knitted dress

In fact, this beautiful knitted dress is very simple in execution, 3 strips of ruffle are not knit, but the purchase of braid is simply sewn - clever, but very beautiful!

The size: 3-4 years.
Materials: 2 coils of Nako Estiva yarn (50% cotton, 50% bamboo, 100 g / 375 m.), White, violet and pink flowers, hook No. 2, purchase braid, white button.

Knitted dress, description:

Back: The first strip - a thread of white color, type a chain of air loops in a length of 45 cm.
Knit by the scheme - 4 cm, mark this place, here your telma should end.
Continue to knit according to the scheme for the width of the braid
Sew the braid along the penultimate row.
Knit 3 more strips in the same way (without tearing the thread), at the same time start decreasing on each side 1 column in each second row - 7 times.
After the last filed braid, knit 1 tbsp. S / n in each loop to a height of 38 cm.
For the armhole, subtract from each side in each row 3 posts - 1 time, 2 bars - 1 time and 1 post - 1 time.
At a height of 45 cm for a cut on the back, divide the work in half.
At a height of 49 cm, finish the job.

Before: Knit like a backboard to a height of 44 cm.
Throat: leave the central 11 posts for the neck, finish the sides separately.
Eliminate the throats in each row 3 posts - 1 time and 1 post - 5 times.
At a height of 49 cm, finish the job.

Assembly: To sew the shoulders, the sides.

Cords: Thread of purple make 2 cords, length 85 cm and 60 cm, and a thread of pink color - a cord 70 cm long.
Insert the cords at the bottom of the dress immediately above each sewn lace.

Tying armholes and throats: A thread of violet color tied armholes as follows: * 3 in / p., Skip 1 cm of work, a column without a crochet on the trail. Loop / row.
Sew a button.

Bow: Thread of white color to type a chain of 22 in / p. + 3 w / o. Lifting.
Knit 1 tbsp. S / n in each loop - 12 cm.
Do not change the color of the thread tie the ribbon as a neck.
To make one more cord of pink color in length of 40 sm., To wind up it on the center of a bow.
Put the bow on the invisible.

Knitted dress pattern

Knitted dress pattern

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