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Hat with pandas

Hat with pandas

Hat with pandas

Children's cap with knitting needles "Panda"

A children's hat with "Panda" knitting needles is made with knitting needles from Bernat® Pipsqueak ™ yarn

The size: 6/12 (18/24) months.
Materials: Bernat® Pipsqueak ™ yarn (100% polyester, 100 g / 109 m) - 1 hank white, the remnants of the usual classic black yarn, large button for the nose.
Knitting density: 10.5 loops * 20 rows = 10 * 10 cm.

How to knit a hat with knitting needles: Dial 22 (24) loops.
Knit with a handkerchief pattern (all rows perform facial loops) - 35.5 (38) cm.
Close the hinges.
Sew a pressure edge with the closed, to combine a cloth in half so that the seam was on the center, to execute the top seam.

Ears: Dial 5 loops.
Knit by handkerchief pattern 3 cm.
Knit: 2 together persons. Behind the back wall, 1 face., 2 together faces.
Close the hinges.
Sew the ears as in the photo.
Wear your eyes with a black thread, stick your nose.

Cap with knitting needles

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