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Children's dresses crocheted

Children's dresses crocheted

Children's dresses crocheted

Baby Crochet Dresses Description

The work of Anastasia Krechetova from Novosibirsk (Russia)
Very simple and beautiful children's dresses crocheted in a circle.

The size: 1-1.5 years
Materials: Cotton thread 100 g / 400 m - 200 g white and 50 g green, hook No. 2, 3 buttons, 3 beads.
Knitting density: 24 tbsp. С / н * 14 р. = 10 * 10 cm.

Yoke: Dial 91 loops in a chain, turn.
1st row: knit 1 tbsp. S / n in the 4 th loop from the hook, 13 columns s / n, (2 in / p., 21 st / s) - 3 times, 11 tbsp. C / n, rotate.
So we divided on the right side of the back, sleeve, front, sleeve and left side of the back.
2 nd row: knit 1 column of s / n in each column and (2 items of s / n, 2 in / n, 2 items of s / n) above each arch.
Repeat the second row 8 more times (10 rows are all tied).

Belt: Go to the green thread, knit 3 in / n., * 1 tbsp. S / n in each column to the first arch, 2 tbsp. S / n in the arch, 7 in / n., Skip the posts to the next arch, 2 tbsp. S / n in the next. Arch, repeat from *, knit 1 tbsp. S / n into each loop.
Join in a circular row.
Knit 1 tbsp. S / n in each loop - 4 rows.

Skirt: Go to the white thread.
Knit by the scheme 1-8 rows.
9-12 series: repeat the 7-8 series of the circuit.
Knit by the scheme 13-14 rows.
15-22 series: repeat 13 and 14 rows of circuit
Go for a green thread, knit a 13-31 series chart.

Strapping: Armholes and throat with a green stripe.
Bind the 3 flowers as written here.
Sew pearls.
Sew flowers to the dress as in the photo, sew on the buttons.

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Baby dresses crocheted pattern

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