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"Puff" dress for girl crochet

Dress for girl crochet

The dress for the girl crocheted is made with columns with a cape on a coquette and fans, one hundred layers are laid on each other

Dress for girl crochet

Such a crocheted dress for the girl is made from the spool thread No. 40, in two pieces - this can be used for a smooth transition of the lights on the skirt (first change one thread color, then the second one).

The size: 4/5 years.
Materials: Yarn Círculo Susi No. 40 (100% viscose, 215 meters in reel), hook 1.25 mm., Lining fabric.
Knitting density: 27 columns with a crochet * 10 rows = 10 * 10 cm.

How to Knit a Cocktail Dress for a Girl

Back and front: Dial 145 loops + 3 lifting loops.
Knit tables with a crochet in a circle - 4 cm.
Then divide the work as follows: 37 loops for the left side of the back, 72 loops for the transfer and 37 loops for the right side of the backrest.

Before: Continue to knit the bars with the crochet only hinges passed.
Join in a circular row and turn the work (further knit in rows back and forth, without connecting the canvases).
At a height of 8 cm, divide the work in half, knit the right and left sides from the neck separately.
At the same time, close 3 loops from the neck in each row - 8 times.
At a height of 16 cm, finish the job.
The second side is knit symmetrically.

Back: Knit each part of the backrest separately.
At an altitude of 8 cm begin to decrease from the neck 3 loops - 8 times.
At a height of 16 cm, finish the job.
The second side of the backrest is knitted symmetrically.

Skirt: Connect the thread to the dial chain of the backrest and transfer.
Knit in a circle according to the scheme.
Repeat the repeat procedure between * - * - 10 times.
Change the colors as in the photo.

Finite work: Tie the neck with the pillars without the cape with the picot.
Sew the lining.

Dress for girl crochet, pattern scheme

Dress for girl crochet

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