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Children's hat knitting with embroidery

Children's hat with knitting needles

Children's hat knitting with embroidery

Children's knitting cap from Bergere de France

The scarf and sharp hood are connected in one child's cap with knitting needles, so that the maximum protects the head, ears and neck of the baby.
The model is executed with vintage embroidery on the knitted fabric and together with sleeveless in the same style - will serve as a beautiful and pleasant gift.

The size: 6-12 months.
Materials: Yarn Bergere de France Ideal (40% cardingWool, 30% acrylic, 30% polyamide, 50 g. / 125 m.) - 2 hanks of color Vannerie (A), 1 hank of color Chenas (B), 1 hank of color Pavon (C), 1 hank Pinede (D) And 1 hank the color Vitamine (E), the baby cap knits the knitting needles 3.0 and 3.5 mm., You will also need a needle for embroidery.
Knitting density: 24 loops * 31 rows = 10 * 10 cm faceplate, spokes 3.5 mm.

Pearl pattern: Using knitting needles 3.0 mm., Knit:
1st row (side): * 1 persons, 1 out of the way, repeat from *.
2nd row: knit by facial over the purl and purl over the facial.
Repeat the second row for the pearl pattern.

Scarf: With spokes 3.0 mm. And thread A, type 15 loops.
Knit with a pearl pattern - 80 cm.
Close the hinges.

A cap: With spokes 3.0 mm. Dial 81 loop.
Knit with a pearl pattern - 6 rows.
Go for spokes 3.5 mm.
Next, knit the front surface to a height of 17 cm from the beginning of the work.
Put off the hinges.

Embroidery: Needle and contrast threads to embroider the cap according to scheme A, so that the central 7th cross of the 1st row of the circuit falls on the central loop of the 9th row of the facial smoothness of the cap (after the pearl pattern).
Carry out embroidery from each end of the scarf according to scheme B, so that the central 4th cross of the 1st row of the circuit falls on the central loop, 3.5 cm from the edge on each side.

Children's cap knitting, assembly: Place the hinged hinge caps on 2 spokes, close the hinges together with both spokes, using the 3rd spoke.
Sew the hat to one of the long sides of the scarf, leaving the ends of the 23 cm scarf free on each side.
Using the thread C, make a rope 60 cm long (twist threads of yarn B)
Tie the caps on the top of the head, tie the ends.

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Children's cap with knitting needles

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