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Dress for the girl crochet «Blue motives»

Dress for girl crochet

Summer open-work dress for the girl crochet is executed by square motives and imaginary viscous

"Blue motifs" dress for girls crochet

We knit a charming dress for a girl crocheted from simple cotton yarn

Circle: 84 cm.
Length: 58 cm.
Materials: 2 skeins of Barroco Maxcolor yarn (100% cotton, 200 g / 226 m.), Hook 4.0 mm.

Dress for the girl crocheted, description of work:

Skirt: Connect 12 motives.
Connect them to strip 2 * 6, then connect to cylinder.

Back and front: Knit along the top edge of the cylinder in a pattern by the pattern 2 - 8 cm.
Then divide the work in half on the back and before.

Back: Continue knitting only over the backrest loops in rows back and forth to a height of 15 cm from the separation.
Finish the job.

Before: Continue knitting only above the hinges of the transfer up to a height of 9 cm from the separation.
For the neck leave the central 30 cm of work not tied.
6 cm from the right and left side of the gear, continue to knit separately to the height of the backrest.
Finish the job.

Sleeves: To sew the shoulders.
Knit a uniform pattern around the armhole according to the scheme 3 - 4 cm.
Finish the job.
Repeat for the second armhole.

Tie the skirt of the skirt: Evenly along the bottom of the cylinder skirts knit patterned scheme of 4 - 7 cm.
Finish the job.

Dress for the girl crocheted, knitting pattern:

Dress for girl crochet

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