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Children's vest with knitting needles "Tonsils"

Children's vest knitting

Children's vest knitting Patterned "Tonsils"

Children's vest knitting

Knitting techniques used: LLoop loops, purl loops, "Tonsils" pattern,Garter-knitting.

The size: 3-6 months.
Materials: 1 skein of yarn
ALIZECASHMIRA (100% Wool, 100 g / 300 m.), Spokes number 3.5

Pattern "Tonsils":
1st row (side): * 2 persons, 4 out of the number, repeat from *
2-nd row: * 4 persons., 1 out of., Cape, 1 out of., Repeat from *
3-8 rows: knit 3 persons ./ 4 out.,
9th row (face side): * 1 persons., Lower the loop, dissolve it 7 rows down, 1 faces., 4 out., Repeat from *
10th row: unknown. Loops.
Next, shift the pattern to half the rapport.
11th row: * 4 out of a person, 2 persons., Repeat from *
12th row: 1 out of stock, cape, 1 out of a person, 4 persons., Repeat from *
13-18 ranks: knit 3 persons. / 4 out of a number.,
19-th row: * 4 rel., 1 persons., Lower the loop, dissolve it 7 rows down, repeat from *
20-th row: is. Loops.

Holes for buttons: Knit over the 7 th tabs of the strap, as follows: 3 persons., Nakid, 2 together persons., 2 persons.

How to knit a children's vest with knitting needles

Backrest and shelves: Mr.Collect 69 loops.
To knit
6 rows Garter stitch.
Next knit:
1st row:
7 loops Garter stitch (Lath), * Tie a loop twice in purl, tie a loop 2 times front, repeat from * to the last 8 loops, Finish off Loop the loop 2 times in the wrong direction,7 Loops of garter stitch (lath) = 124 loops.
Continue to knit with elastic band 2 persons. / 2 out. + 7 loop loops on each side - 10 rows, simultaneously
Carry out The first AperturesE For buttonsS on the bar of the right shelf,Further implement them At regular intervals.

Next knit: 7 stitches garter stitch,2 Out., Nakid, *10 loops elastic band 2x2, cape, 2 loops of garter stitch, cape, Repeat from *, finish 7 stitches with garter stitch.
Continue to knit in a pattern, at the same time add 1 loop in each section of the handkerchief (except for the slats), in each front row -
5 times = 152 loops.
ContinueKnitting pattern "Tonsils" + 7 loops of the tracery pattern on each side for the laths - 25 rows.

Next, knit 7 loops of a plaque pattern, 22 pattern loops "Tonsils", Dial 60 new loops for sleeves, knit 94 loops with a pattern "Tonsils", Dial 60 new loops for the second sleeve, knit 22 loops with a pattern "Tonsils", Finish 7 loops of a handkerchief pattern.
Continue to knit with a handkerchief pattern over new loops, knit with a pattern
"Tonsils" To the end of the rapport.
Knit another rapport pattern
"Tonsils" Above all the loops.
To knit along (2 together out of the original) - 2 times in each section of 4 backing loops.
Continue knitting with an elastic band 2x2 - 24Number of.
Hide all loops.

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